Struggling to find an off the shelf CRM for your property business?

Are you wondering whether you can buy an off the shelf CRM that will help with all your business requirements without the need for configuration?

Some of you might have chased the idea, having started with an off the shelf CRM and made the jump to another with the promise of extra functionality. You probably found that it was money for nothing (or at most minimal improvement).

The truth is a CRM is only as good as its configuration – and all CRMs will require configuring to meet your business needs.

Okay, so if I can’t get an off the shelf CRM, where do I start?

Identify what you want a CRM to help with.

CRMs are designed to manage data, deliver actionable insights and facilitate team communication. For example:

If you want help with lead management, then your CRM will become your ‘one version of truth’, where all your lead data is captured to assist in the qualification and conversion of leads by your team. Data can be uploaded via business card scans and you can capture details into your CRM without leaving your email inbox.

If you need to keep track of multiple refurbishment projects, keeping an eye on all your pipelines throughout their stages and having an ‘at a glance’ view on progress, a CRM is the tool for this too.

Understand how a CRM can work most effectively for you.

CRMs are not built to manage your invoicing processes or accounts, nor email campaigns. You’re probably already using apps (like Xero or Mailchimp) that control these processes perfectly well.

Integrate your existing apps with your CRM to get the best of both worlds. Let them do what they do best, drawing down the data they need to perform from your CRM.

Avoid temptation!

It’s tempting to opt for a free version – but they’re free because their core functionality has been stripped out, so the chances of configuring it for all your needs are slim.

Choose an entry-level paid for version – it’ll have the functionality you need to get started and grow with you. Avoid the pro licence versions, they might provide functionality that you don’t need right now and will over complicate things.

Get it configured

If a CRM is only as good as its configuration, the person doing the configuring needs to be an expert in your CRM and understand your business needs too!

Be prepared to spend time helping them explore and define your requirements.

The facts – straight up!

  • An off the shelf CRM won’t meet your needs
  • Every CRM will need configuring
  • Identify what your CRM can help with
  • Understand how your CRM can integrate with your existing apps
  • Choose a paid for version
  • Find a CRM expert that understands your CRM and your business needs.
Steven Lai

About the author

Steven Lai is a property investor, founder of Super Developments and creator of CRM for Property Success. He is a CRM expert with over 12 years commercial experience of managing sales teams.

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