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Are you hungry for success?

We know you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit and hunger to succeed. You want to make more money, better investments and free-up your time to achieve financial freedom and flexibility to do what you want in the future.

You might be self-educated in property, or you might have invested in training from the likes of Progressive Property, Touchstone Education, White Box Property Solutions, Property Leverage, The Property Hub or Wealth Dragons.

Are networking & deal sourcing critical?

You understand the importance of networking to build up a “power-team” who can assist you, finance you, support you and connect you with the right people that will enable you to complete on cash-flowing deals.

After all, you’re always going to need back up buyers, financiers, estate agents and other property specialists. You know you need a good pipeline of these people to de-risk those last minute problems.

You also know it’s critical to build up a good pipeline of deals. It’s a numbers game. The bigger the deal sourcing pipeline you build, the bigger the pay-off and security for you later down the line.

Do you find networking awkward?

If you’re new to networking…

You probably get that uncomfortable feeling in your stomach.

You don’t really know what to say, what information to exchange or to capture.

You don’t know who or how o to follow-up the next day, so don’t bother.

If you’re actively networking…

You’ve probably got a stack of business cards collecting dust on a shelf.

You find saving details from business cards to somewhere useful, like your phone is a pain.

You don’t have time to follow-up every lead, plus it’s hard to remember the important details the next day.

You’re connecting with the wrong people and wasting time. After several emails, calls or meetings you find out they’re not a good fit.

Mark Fernihough

Prosper Property, Managing Director

Networking was pretty awkward; I didn’t know what to ask, share or how to follow-up. It was just meeting people for the sake of meeting people without an end goal.”

“After CRM for Property Success, I’m much more comfortable with networking. I have a structure, I know what I’m doing before, during and after.”

“It’s a lot quicker now I’m leveraging the features of my CRM to follow-up with people.”

“Ultimately we have better relationships with the right people that we can nurture over time.”

Does your deal souring take a lot of time and effort?

Deal sourcing takes a lot time and effort

If you’re just starting out…

You’ve probably come to realise how time intensive analysis is.

You organise your spreadsheets and documents into folders but have realised it’s going to be unmanageable as you find more deals.

If you’re already doing deal analysis every day…

Your process works, it’s slow, but you’ve no time to improve it.

Everything’s super-organised in folders within folders, but there’s no quick way to see the progress of your deals.

You’re pretty sure there’s a better way, that will also save you time.

It’s hard to get anyone else involved without having to brain dump everything you know.

We know this because we’ve been there too.

The good news is you’re not alone, we’ve been there too and felt your pain.

Thankfully, we have a unique combination of property knowledge and technical know-how.

We’ve still made silly mistakes, paid for them and learned from them. There’s no need for you to do the same.

By solving our own problems, we’ve been able to help property entrepreneurs, like you, solve theirs.

That’s why we created CRM for Property Success.

Steven Lai is a property investor with several serviced accommodation units, he began developing his property portfolio in the Docklands area of London at the start of 2010.

He is a CRM expert with over 12 years commercial experience of managing sales teams.

He left his job in 2016 to focus on property, investing in education with Progressive Property.

More about Steven…

Chris Laslett is a software developer with over 18 years experience. He is currently building out his own property portfolio.

He specialises in software integrations working with CRM, file storage and project management systems.

He left his job in 2017 to focus on combining technology with property and joined forces with Steven.

What is CRM for Property Success?

CRM for Property Success is the quickest way to get a fully customised CRM for your property business.

We’ll set up and configure your CRM for you, so you don’t have to.

But that’s not enough, you and your team need to know how to use it, adapt it and scale it along with your business.

Our 8 module online programme focuses on showing you how to get the most value out of your CRM for your property business.

Contacts & Leads

Step by step how to collate your contacts from a million and one different places. Create your one-version of truth.


Your CRM can and should super-charge your daily productivity, free up your time and let you focus on revenue generating activities.

Email Inbox Integration

These days we live in our Inboxes. Learn to use the power of your CRM without leaving your your email.

Task Management

Manage and effectively delegate your endless to-do list. Create recurring tasks, activity sets and sync events with your calendar.

Effective Networking

Learn the art of effective networking. What to do before, during and after a networking event to develop stronger relationships.

Deal Analysis

Use the power of Pipelines to streamline and track your opportunities. See progress at a glance and qualify opportunities faster.


Learn to adapt your CRM as your business grows. How to map out and document your process to create a pipeline of repeatable steps.

Metrics & Reporting

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Create reports that measure your successes and allow you to focus on generating revenue activities.

How is CRM for Property Success delivered?

CRM for Property Success is an 8 module programme delivered via live webinars over 4 weeks.

Each session is recorded so you can watch it again in your own time.

All you need is a browser.

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