What is a
CRM for Property?

At last, a definitive guide for property investors and deal sourcers.

 Grow your
property business

great investors

more deals

Meet Steven Lai

Property investor, CRM & systems geek.

When I started my own property business it was a struggle to make it work. I quickly became overwhelmed organising networking and deal sourcing using spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, messages and my memory!

I quickly realised that for my business to thrive I needed a better solution. So I combined my 20 years of sales experience, my property knowledge and my CRM expertise to do just that.

Since then I have been working closely with property entrepreneurs to help them do the same.

And now I’m offering my free e-book to help you get started.

Learn how a CRM can help you grow your property business, attract great investors and secure more deals.

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