Furnishing Your Investment Property: The Do’s and Don’ts

This is a guest blog post from our friends at BoConcept

Let’s face it: with London’s residential property market worth a bit over £1.5 trillion, the ways to make your investment property stand out and achieve you a good rental yield are endless, but picking the one that works for you seems to be exactly what most property investors are struggling with.

In the search for the right answer, and giving it enough time to think, we couldn’t help but stumble upon the one simple formula that made the most sense, and was proven right with experience. And it goes as it follows:

One-stop solution + Investment in quality = Increase of property value

As simple as that. And to tell us more about their complete furniture packages for investment properties and give us a few tips on design, we turned to Kingston-based retailer BoConcept, whose history of manufacturing high quality made-to-order furniture, is a story of success with close to 70 years of history. This is what they had to tell us:

Plan your layout and don’t clutter

Furniture must always have a purpose, and in interior design, this purpose is defined by two things: layout and usage. Your rental property layout should be as minimal as possible, allowing your tenants to experiment and adapt it to their liking. An unsophisticated three-seater sofa, a compact armchair and a neutral rug work for a living space that a tenant can customize and make his own.

Add storage and look out for practicality

In a city where every inch of space matters, storage is crucial when designing your space. BoConcept’s designers recommend adding storage even inside of your coffee table.

Their best-selling Chiva functional coffee table comes in two sizes and makes good usage for paperwork, or you can just raise the slim table tops to create the perfect height for an afternoon tea.

Furnish holistically with an emphasis on the basics

Once you’re done with the furniture, don’t forget that adding curtains or even simple roller blinds not only enhances the look of the property but it also provides with UV protection for your furniture and electronic goods, as well as keeping a nice temperature in the room. Same goes for adding wall textures – BoConcept’s signature collection of wall coverings give you the luxury of being able to wash them, and easily peel them in a few years if you need a change.

Make sure your project is well managed

BoConcept know one thing very well: taking care of your project from the second you step into their showroom until even after your installation is ready. Their installation team are trained BoConcept professionals that build your furniture and leave your project just like you’ve seen it in your 3D renders in the showroom. To sum it up: you need to make sure your project is in good hands, because you need to make your investments work for you, not the other way around.

Finally, when furnishing your build-to-rent, you can always use a bit of help. BoConcept provide a wide range of customisable furniture that can fit any space – from the smallest studio, to the biggest open space kitchen-dining area. Their complete furniture packages turn their showroom into a one-stop solution for your project, but if you happen to need more than just a package, you can always book a free 3D interior design consultation with one of their design professionals.

About the guest author

BoConcept Kingston trades out of 20 Eden Street KT1 1EP.

You can visit their team of design professionals to book your free interior design appointment or call 020 8546 6050.

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