Building a database of investors ready to buy your deals.


If you’re new to the property business and you’re focused on sourcing deals, one of the first places you’ll get stuck is having a pool of investors lined up.

So, how do you go about building a database of investors?

Let’s help you get unstuck with 4 Super tips.

1. Push it (push it real good) – tell everyone what you do

1. Push it (push it real good) – tell everyone what you do.

That means absolutely everyone whenever the opportunity arises. Family, friends, colleagues, people at the gym, your kid’s sports club, on a night out – whenever and wherever the opportunity arises!

Investors are not a particular type of person; in fact, you’ll probably be surprised as you find out who has money to invest.

Just make sure you explain clearly how you can help them; that’s by investing their money wisely in property deals that will generate them income.

2. Networking meetings

2. Networking meetings

Get out there to all those property networking meetings. You’re specifically looking to connect with investors so your tactic is to have lots of conversations to find out who you could help.

Investors that attend networking meetings already know that they’re going to pay a sourcing fee and will understand what you have to offer, so exchange business cards and follow up after the event to book in a meeting or call to properly qualify them as a prospective investor.

Here’s a bonus Super tip:

Go to business networking events (ie/ non-property specific events). You might find that property events are full of people like you, people looking to find investors. By attending business events you’ll meet a broader range of people, people with money to invest. A good starting place is your local Chamber of Commerce.

3. Social media

3. Social Media

You need to use social media because your investors are using it! Facebook and LinkedIn are your priorities. Make sure your personal (and business if you have one) profiles tell people what you do, what your company name is etc.

Just like with face to face – you need to make everyone aware of who you are on social media too. Then join the property-networking groups and get involved, raise your profile and share your deals (if it’s appropriate).

4. Avoid buying investor databases

4. Avoid buying investor databases

The chances are that anyone claiming they have a list of 10,000+ investor contacts you can buy, is selling a list of inactive investors, and time wasters.

A professional investor will be ‘out there’ actively looking for opportunities, not sitting impassively on a list in case someone gets in touch!

Remember a good deal will attract investment. You don’t need a huge list of investors to be successful, but you do need to be able to network and make connections so that when you have a good deal – you can shout about it!

Steven Lai

About the author

Steven Lai is a property investor, founder of Super Developments and creator of CRM for Property Success. He is a CRM expert with over 12 years commercial experience of managing sales teams.

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