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Book a free 30 min call with me.


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Take away a plan of action to systemise your business.

Make more money, secure better investments and free-up your time

The two main challenges for property investors are finding the money and finding the deals.

Using a CRM in your property business will help you:

Grow your network

Track every deal

Follow up every offer

Eliminate the chaos

Network with results

Save yourself time

We can help you explore how a CRM could benefit your property business.

Deals are falling through the cracks.

Is growing your business  overwhelming?
Deal sourcing takes time and effort. Analysing deals is time-intensive, and it doesn’t help when you’re juggling spreadsheets, emails and phone calls.
Are you networking without results?
You need to network for your property success, but it’s awkward, and you don’t really have a plan.
Are you using the best tools?
You’ve got the property knowledge but not the right tools. Relying on your memory, emails & spreadsheets can only get you so far.

Meet Steven Lai

Property investor, CRM & systems geek.

When I started my own property business I quickly became overwhelmed organising networking and deal sourcing using spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, messages and my memory!

I soon realised that for my business to thrive I needed a better solution. So I combined my 20 years of sales experience, my property knowledge and my CRM expertise to do just that.

And now I’m offering my solution to you too.

What is CRM for Property Success?

Our online programme is the quickest way to get a fully personalised CRM for your property business.

We’ll do the boring stuff (like configuration and set up) so you don’t have to. But that’s not enough, you and your team need to know how to use it, adapt it and scale it along with your business.

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With a proven system to help you network, follow-up and convert more leads, you’re ready to grow.

As a business owner it’s easy to fall into the trap of doing everything yourself.