10 Steps to a CRM for Property.
Step 4: Create your templates

Get ready to save yourself a ton of time! How many times a day do you find yourself typing the same email? Maybe you’re wasting valuable minutes or even hours on them?

Step 4: Create your templates

Perhaps these emails shouldn’t even be ‘emails’? Standard stuff like offer letters, deal brochures or event follow-ups should all be templates that you can fire out quickly.

Maybe you are not great at writing or, like me, typing. I always make a ton of typos much to everyone’s annoyance. What do I do? Well, I have a shedload of templates to use (written and checked by someone that can write), and I also leverage video messaging. So, if I am caught out and need to send an actual email, I don’t have to worry about my grammar. I just need to get my words out, and if they’re not perfect, it doesn’t matter.

Templates just make sense; ultimately, they make you look and behave more professionally by:

  • Saving you time.
  • Enabling you to respond faster.
  • Making your communications more consistent.
  • Letting you delegate with ease.
  • Allowing you to refine and improve.

How many of the templates below do you already have?

And how many of these templates are you recreating over and over again? Or perhaps you have them ‘saved’ somewhere, but every time you need them, you have to hunt through your files.

Most of you will have these templates already in existence. Now’s the time to dig them out and invest a few hours in refining and improving them ready for inserting into your CRM.

Templates save you time – they make sure you’re ready to go! Following up after events will never be painfully time-consuming ever again.

You can stop running up that hill!

I’ve located my templates – what’s the next step?
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Steven Lai is a property investor, founder of Super Developments and creator of CRM for Property Success. He is a CRM expert with over 12 years commercial experience of managing sales teams.

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